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Best mens dress shoes for plantar fasciitis

Best mens dress shoes for plantar fasciitis

In this 21st century, plantar fasciitis remains one of the major disorders that, if not careful, your pocket may get dry or trigger another health complication. Therefore once diagnosed with such a complication, the next thing will be to prevent further damages. This issue arises simply after the failure of the plantar fascia’s thick band tissue.

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Well, as recommended by most doctors, investing in the best men’s dress shoes can save you a lot. Of course, there are several ways to handle this foot complication, but having the best footwear can also work. Now, where and how can you bag home doctor-recommended shoes for plantar fasciitis? Don’t worry because this article will provide all the answers.

Since the market hosts different shoes for the same purpose, while others have almost similar dimensions or features, to be on the safe side, you need a comprehensive guide to navigate you through the decision-making process. Everything is provided in this report. Stay tuned!

Comparison table

product featureprdct#1prdct#2prdct#3prdct#4prdct#5prdct#6prdct#7
Item weight4 pounds2 pounds12 Ounces4 pounds9 ounces1.1 pounds1 pound
ManufacturerOrthofeet, Inc.VionicOluKaiOrthofeet, IncClarksFlorsheimDockers
Dimension12.7 x 9.8 x 5.2 inches10 x 15 x 6 inches13 x 9 x 5 inches12.7 x 9.8 x 5.2 inches10 x 15 x 6 inches13.03 x 7.83 x 4.65 inches10 x 15 x 6 inches
ColorBlackBlackDkWood/ Dk JavaBlackBlack leatherBlackBlack

1. Orthofeet Proven Relief of Foot and Heel Pain –Avery Island

Best Plantar Fasciitis Men’s Shoes

1. Orthofeet Proven Relief of Foot and Heel Pain –Avery Island

Let’s start by reviewing a product that comes with superior features, making it the best for people with diabetes, heel pain, neuropathy, and foot pain.

Features and benefits

·        Prolonged widths: For maximum comfort, these shoes are made with impressive non-binding and soft uppers to offer an excellent fit.

·        Therapeutic design: This is another excellent feature to like in this orthopedic shoe as it enables it to reduce stress on joints. Besides, it substantially improves and enhances stable walking. This means that you will feel reduced pain while walking with this orthopedic solution.

·        Soft uppers: On the other hand, the manufacturer makes these shoes with smooth internal lining plus additional foam padding. Such materials enhance exciting comfort, protecting your sensitive feet.

·        Ergonomics: You will like a lot of cushioning in this orthopedic solution, especially with its orthotic insoles. The pillow-like support is also provided to have your feet covered from pain.

Pros & Cons


  • Minimizes joint pressures
  • High-quality orthotic insoles
  • Enhanced comfort
  • Its widths are extended


  • ·Some consumers claim that it’s not long-lasting

These features are more than enough for you to smile in these orthopedic shoes. Various cushioning ensures your comfortability and pain relief. It doesn’t matter whether you have sensitive feet, arthritis, diabetics, or neuropathy; these are the best support dress shoes.

2.   Orthofeet Proven Relief of Heel & Foot Pain –Gramercy

There’s a slight difference that exists between these shoes and the first option. This means that you can still go with it without regretting it. It serves the main purpose of relieving pain joints like knees, arch, etc.

Features and benefits

·        Professional arch support: The manufacturer makes this device with an anatomic arch support mechanism responsible for reducing the extra impact from your foot while running. You will immediately feel pain relief after putting on these dress shoes.

·        Ergonomic: Your luxury is highly guaranteed, and that’s why many people prefer using ortho feet. Besides, there are several cushions that I am sure you will feel relaxed while walking on the ground.

·        Lightweight design: The manufacturer also enhances these orthopedic solutions with lightweight soles, not to strain your foot. By doing so, pain in the lower back, hips, and knees will be reduced.

·        Extended widths:  Like the above first option, you will find this shoe with non-hindering and soft uppers that come in extra wide, wide, and medium widths to perfectly fit your feet.  


·        First-class orthotic insoles

·        Spacious toe boxes

·        In-depth design

·        Impressive arch support

·        Enhanced support and comfort


·        Still, some folks are never satisfied with its comfort level

This product becomes the best men’s dress shoes for bunions because of their special therapeutic build that eliminates stress on your joints. Hence, you will walk easily because stability will be enhanced.

3.   Vionic Men’s Astor Preston Slip-on Loafer –Best leather loafers for men

From a distant picture, these shoes will make you look gorgeous. Still, Vionic Men’s Astor Preston Slip-on Loafer makes the best men’s dress shoes for high arches. The footwear offers brilliant support, and that’s why it is

Features and benefits

·        Podiatrist-designed EVA: The manufacturer equips this shoe with such a feature with premium leather cushioned footbed for comfortability reasons. Besides, flexibility will be highly enhanced without caring about your terrains.

·        Biomechanics innovations: Apart from reliable support and ergonomics, these sneakers are good at boasting incredible technologies and elegant features for proper foot alignment. Stability is also enhanced with such innovations.

·        Robust rubber: A sturdy rubber outsole is also provided to enhance the durability and versatility of the footwear. You can make this pair of your favorite loafers.


·        In-depth heel cups

·        Flexible

·        Comfortable

·        Podiatrist design

·        Supports foot alignment


·        Some people complain about its longevity

With the above features, we request you to consider Vionic shoes as the best for plantar fasciitis. That’s why it can serve you just like the above orthopedic dress shoes for pain relief.

4.   CLARKS Men’s Raharto Plain Oxford

How about going with this pair? CLARKS Men’s Raharto Plain relief shoe is also reliable. Some of its features are also great, like those of the above three options. These features include;

Features and benefits

·        Synthetic sole: The best technology to expect in this pair is the synthetic sole. Such a sole is excellent not only for comfortability but also to relieve pain. Besides, moving around with such a shoe becomes very straightforward.

·        Detachable EVA: CLARKS Men’s Raharto also boasts a removable footbed, making it more convenient. The ortholite footbed features a soft cushion mechanism that ensures reduced fatigue when you make every step.

·        Ultra-Lightweight: You are already in pain, and therefore you require lightweight footwear. The item weighs only 9 ounces and measures 10 x 15 x 6 inches.

·        Ergonomic design: Clerks have equipped their products with smooth textile lining to enhance comfort for comfort reasons.  It doesn’t matter the miles you intend to cover; this pair will even help you go extra.


·        Breathability

·        Lightweight

·        Soft-cushioning

·        Spacious toe boxes


·        Sole quality should be improved

Versatility makes CLARKS Men’s Raharto outstanding because it comes from a dress shoe and casual shoe. Besides, its rubber soles improve traction.

5.   OLUKAI Men’s Moloa

Try these loafers that boast stylish designs, coming in 10 various colors. It packs outstanding features to enhance your comfort as well as durability simultaneously.

Features and benefits

·        Premium leather: This material is impressive, which the manufacturer has included in the shoe. The exterior side is also water-resistant to serve you for some months before a replacement.

·        Ergonomic: Additionally, OLUKAI Men’s Moloa comes with non-marking rubber pods and soft microfiber lining to enhance comfort as well as flexibility. More so, the dual-density footbed offers consistent cushioning and comfort.

·        Impressive heel: With its good heel, the shoe can absorb shock, stabilizing your feet all day. Therefore, if you have flat feet, these sneakers are best for you due to their enough interior room.

·        Great toes space: You won’t feel anything like fatigue when jumping, running, or walking because this shoe comes with smooth toe space.


·        Lightweight

·        Smooth toe space

·        Fashionable and stylish

·        Water-resistant upper


·        Reduced arch support

We can therefore conclude that OLUKAI Men’s Moloa is the best men’s dress shoes for bunions. That’s why it remains an excellent option for people with hammertoes.

6.   Florsheim Men’s Medfield Plain Toe Oxford Dress Shoe

Florsheim is another prominent manufacturer as far as production of best dress shoes for bad feet is concerned. Here is one of their pairs of shoes for pain relief that can still work for your case. Some of their unique features are;

Features and benefits

·        Premium materials: The pair’s uppers are full of high-quality quality leather material. Additionally, its linings are moisture-wrecking, breathable.

·        Long-lasting sole: Additionally, the manufacturer equips the shoes with a durable sole non-marking and slip-resistant. Besides, the rubber is flexible to cover you.

·        Classic style: Medfield Plain Toe Dress Shoe boasts a glossy finish and clean lines for an appealing look. You’ll also find it in various patterns.

·        Ergonomic: With its fully cushioned insole, believe me, your feet will be relieved from knee, hip, and arch pain. More so, there is a removable footbed that features a stable heel cup to absorb shock. Fatigue will be reduced, allowing you to maneuver around easily and comfortably.

·        Perfect fit: Another good reason to invest in this pair is the fittings. It’s possible to find it in both large and sizable widths to fit you properly.

The unique feature in these shoes is the Ortholite X-40 rebound foam. It features a durable cushioning system for moisture management.


·        Stylish design

·        Premium quality material

·        Slip-resistant

·        Excellent support


·        Unsuitable for hammer or bunions toes

7.   Dockers Men’s Gordon Leather Oxford Dress Shoe

If you are not satisfied with the above six options, don’t worry because here is an option that I am sure will have your concentration. Despite grabbing the last position, its features are impressive for maximum cushioning. It is accorded by the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) due to its effectiveness in promoting regular foot operation.

Features and benefits

·        Premium materials: The shoe’s uppers are full of grain polished leather materials for stability and durability. Additionally, the rubber soles are substantial for longevity.

·        Padded collars: This is another exciting mechanism, making the shoe outstanding as it enhances extra comfort.

·        Sophisticated cushioning: On top of that, this pair boasts flexible construction to enhance all-day wear. The cushioning is also amazing to sustain comfortability.

·        Sipped-rubber outsole: Due to such a feature, chances of you operating on moist surfaces are very minimal.


·        APMA accepted

·        Padded collars enhance extra comfort

·        High-quality outsoles

·        Flexible construction


·        Sometimes it’s associated with bad odor

Therefore for flexibility and comfort reasons, we highly suggest you consider testing Dockers Men’s Gordon Leather. For that reason, it makes the best support dress shoes.

Best men’s dress shoes for high arches – Buying guide

Well, it’s expected that some people might still become unsatisfied with only reviews. While some can decide after going through the reviews section, some folks won’t. For this reason, we have sampled some common features to consider when buying doctor-recommended shoes for plantar fasciitis. These parameters include;


This factor is a major consideration, and it blends well with flexibility. With ergonomic essentials, the shoes become useless even when they have other elegant features. So, podiatrists highly recommend putting on flexible and ergonomic sneakers for plantar fasciitis.


Before you make any purchases, you must check the materials involved to manufacture a particular pair of plantar fasciitis shoes. You won’t get enough support from tough materials. I, therefore, recommend picking shoes with synthetic materials and full-grain quality leather.

Toe space

Owning orthopedic shoes with either a tight or narrow toe box can be irritating. I say so because it will interrupt the normal movement of your toes. Therefore, you should consider investing in the best dress shoes for foot pain with spacious toes space.

Arch support

This is another critical parameter for those fellows suffering from plantar fasciitis. Health experts recommend arch supportive dress sneakers for flat footers. For instance, choose a pair that boasts EVA cushioning or biomechanical design.


What are good dress shoes for plantar fasciitis?

Buying supportive dress shoes is the best idea to fight plantar fasciitis. Even the podiatrists advise their clients to wear excellent plantar fasciitis. However, when selecting the best, we have elaborated some points above. Therefore if you suffer from plantar fasciitis, you should opt for a comfortable pair.

Can a best plantar fasciitis shoe be both fashionable and comfortable?

Of course, yes, but not all of the shoes. If you prefer all these facts combined, it’s advisable to have proper prior research before making any purchase. I say so because some people are fashion conscious but with plantar fasciitis complications. Don’t worry because there are special shoes meant for you.

 Final words

It’s rare to have similar preferences unless the choices are fixed. But being a myth, you will meet several products on the market with challenging dimensions that make your search problematic. So to be on the safe side, we have decorated a reliable list full of helpful information for you.

Based on various foundations like style and fashion, allow as a present to you top 7 best men’s dress shoes for plantar fasciitis. We have enlisted the fashionable pair of dress shoes for plantar fasciitis. Don’t dye with doubts, yet the reviews and buying guide can rescue you makes your search a piece of cake.

The provided information in this article is based on web research, some foot pain victims, personal experience, and podiatrists.  You are lucky if you have gone through this report.