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How To Tell If Your Shoes Are Too Big - Very Simple Tricks

How To Tell If Your Shoes Are Too Big – Very Simple Tricks

Millions of people purchase shoes online every day. By the grace of the internet, it has become easier than ever to purchase anything online. And ever since the crisis of COVID 19, the rate has increased drastically (Source: NPD). However, an ideal shoe can be really tricky to find. Even in physical stores, the process is quite lengthy. How to tell if shoes are too big? 

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Our article will discuss exactly how to tell if your shoes are too big and avoid having an uncomfortable purchase. 

What Happens When You Wear A Big Shoe? 

Shoes and footwear are major day-to-day accessories for every human. Wearing the wrong size can often lead to undesired discomforts and a wide range of health casualties. Sore feet, regular friction on your toenails and by the side of your feet muscles can often lead to other major physical issues; resulting in the knee or even backbone ache. 

Meanwhile, for professional runners or people who jog regularly, it is mandatory to have a pair of shoes that suits them the best. How to tell if running shoes are too big? Hold on a sec! We are coming right at the point. 

How to Tell if Your Shoes Are too Big? 

First I will talk about the fact of how to tell if your shoes are too big or not. When you are purchasing your shoes from an online store, you have to leap of faith in most cases. What’s positive is that more or less every online store offers a full refund or exchange policy in case of mismatched products. 

Even though you are buying based on the actual size of your feet, the same products from different brands are manufactured differently. Hence, it is obvious that you can face some confusion after buying a shoe of your size

However, if you are buying from a physical store you will have the luxury to check your pair of shoes before making the final purchase. Here are the facts that you should be careful of:

1. Have a Walk: After selecting your desired pair of shoes, feel free to wear them. Take a walk of a minimum of 20-25 steps. If you feel comfortable while walking and have zero sensation of any pain or ache, they are the right choice for you.

However, if your toenails slide through the head of the shoes or your feet slide left and right and the base of your feet remain detached from the surface of the shoes, they are a wrong selection for you. Open up and try a different pair. 

2. Look for a small gap: There should be a small gap between your toe and the footbed of your shoe; for proper circulation of air and comfort. Once you wear a shoe on trial, sit calmly and feel for the gap before your toes of both feet. 

However, if the gap is too big and you can press the footbed against a wall and that leaves a fold on it, the shoe will be inappropriate for you. 

3. Shoes with laces and heels: When you are going differently or trying a glamorous heel, you have to be extra careful with your comfort. Soes with laces will be extremely difficult to put on in the first place if they are not of the right size for you. When you wear them and tie the laces, if they overlap with each other, then definitely you are having a shoe too wide. 

With a high heel shoe of a small size, you will not be able to put it on. However, if the arch of your foot remains outside the head of the heel, it is a shoe of bigger size for you or you are wearing a shoe half size too big. 

4. Prioritize comfort overlook: In the end, whether it is a high heel or laced shoe or a casual shoe for a walk, comfort is what matters most. If you feel a slightly uneasy or bitter feeling while walking or running, change your shoe at once. With the right pair of shoes, you can go a long mile undisrupted. While a wrong selection can only cause disturbance in everyday life. 

These are the easy steps everyone should be going through before having the final take. Remember, being extra careful from the beginning can save you a lot of trouble and money in the future. 

Are My Shoes Too Big?

Is it? Even after following all the precautions, you end up with a shoe larger than your actual foot size. Here are some quick tips on what to do if you end up with the wrong shoe. 

Your socks can help you a lot if you have accidentally purchased the wrong shoe for yourself. 

Let’s say, you have brought a shoe that is wider or bigger than your feet. And you often feel like the instep and arch of your foot are sliding backward and forward of the shoe. Use thicker socks that fill every side of your feet. And also, make sure there remains no gap between your feet and the inner wall of the shoes. 

In the case of smaller shoes, insert dampen socks into the shoes. Let them sit for a while until they are fully dry. Try the pair again. You can also rub alcohol or alcohol pads inside the shoes to make them loosen a bit. 


We have gathered some highly asked questions of people related to this topic and it’s time to reveal them with proper answers. Here we go.

How do you know if the shoes are too big?

You will feel uneasiness while walking. At some point, you will feel excessive pain in your toe and ankles that can lead to blisters.  As for professional runners or models, it will be harder, to begin in the first place. 

Is it okay to wear shoes that are too big? 

No, it is definitely not. If you still wish to proceed with a bigger shoe, follow the “Are My Shoes Too Big” part of our article. There you’ll get a proper guideline about this fact.

How do you know if a shoe fits properly? 

You are wearing the right pair of shoes if walking/ running or everyday movements are done easily and without any sensation of pain or footsore. There will be a minimum gap between your toes and shoe head and proper air circulation inside your shoes.

Final Verdict

Shoes are a vital part of our regularities. From glamour to professionalism, the use of an ideal shoe is widely noticeable. If you have to regret the whole part of buying a shoe, what’s the point of buying them anyway? Hence, before buying a pair of shoes, make sure you are spending your money on the right one. You can follow our article to make the right choice. Let others know as well if our article is useful to you.