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How to Tie Boat Shoes? Find the Easiest Ways Step by Step

How to Tie Boat Shoes? Find the Easiest Ways Step by Step

If you love your shoes as much as we are infatuated with ours, then you know the difference between a loafer and a Sperry, and if you know a Sperry, then you surely know the mark boat shoes have left in both function and fashion. But if you are new to this world, let us tell you a bit about Sperrys and how to tie boat shoes in order to get around with a grip of class.

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What Exactly Are Boat Shoes?

You may say that boat shoes or Sprerrys may be considered the love child of a loafer and a sneaker. Founded in 1935 by a sailor by the name of Paul A. Sperry, he invented this specific shoe to make walking around easier on wet decks of a ship. In other words, the sipes on the rubber outsole of the shoe. 

how to tie boat shoes leather laces

The sipes, or grooves give the boat shoes their distinctive look. Often confused for a leather loafer due to the similarities, the Sperry boat shoes are different simply because of the bigger outsole with the sipes on the bottom. 

What to Consider Before Buying Boat Shoes?

The mark of a great boat shoe is that it leaves no marks, literally! When you are to buy a boat shoe like Sperry or other brands, it is important to keep in mind that these are mainly to be worn on boats or during sailing. 

One of the main things to consider is how breathable and comfortable the shoes are. Another fact to keep in mind is how to tie sperry boat shoes. Unlike most, boat shoe lacing requires a bit of unconventional (yet easy) tying techniques. In general, there are 4 ways to tie boat shoes and let’s move on to what they are.

How to Tie Boat Shoes?

Like all things in life, practice makes perfect. So if you have found yourself wondering about how to tie leather laces on boat shoes, and bring that polished look onto the deck, you are in the right place. There are 4 common and most used ways of tying a boat shoe:

how to tie boat shoes laces hidden
  1. The Tassel Knot is one of our favourite methods. 
  • Simply make a square form knot by crossing the lace left over right, vice versa over left. 
  • Then create a loop with one of the lace and tie the other lace around the loop 3 times. 
  • Tuck it in the end and tighten it accordingly.
  • The Chain Knot is widely popular across street styles. 
  • This is where you make a loop by crossing the lace in the front of the shoe. 

  • Just hold the other lace and by making a second loop, you lace up the 2nd loop but make sure that it goes through the first one from the back. Thereafter, pull it tightly and repeat the same process.
  • Tuck the lace end into the loop at the end and then tuck the chains into one another.
  • The Barrel Knot is even an easier process. 
  • Just fold the lace to form a loop and follow it up with a twist.

  • Wrap the other lace around the loop 5 times.
  • Take the end of the lace, though the top of the loop and pull the end of the lace, pushing the knot and feel it tighten.
  • The Surgeon’s Knot is a bit complex yet elegant in outlook. 
  • Cross left shoe lace over the right and wrap the left under the right lace before pulling the laces in an opposite direction.
  • The left lace, take it to form an inch loop beside the starting knot.
  • Bring the lace out in front of the loop, circling it around. Then make a loop out of the right lace into the circle, pulling it gently.

  • Wrap the right loop over, and then again wraparound  the left loop, insert it into the circle again. Then take each loop in one hand and pull tightly in opposite directions.
how to tie sperry boat shoes


How to tie sperry boat shoes?

The simplest way of tying a Sperry boat shoe is by making loops and knots with the laces. There are several types of boat shoe knots such as the tassel knot, or the chain knot. 

How to tie boat shoes with leather laces?

The best way to tie leather laces on Sperry boat shoes is by making two loops. It is best to make multiple loops and twists in an order that would ensure the shoe is tight.

How to tie boat shoe laces hidden?

The best way to hide the ends of the laces is by using the hidden knot method, which is generally used in casual sneakers.

The Verdict

Over the last few decades, shoe fanatics have found a way to bring in the Sperry into the fashion world. Today, boat shoes can be worn outside of sailing and it often brings a classy, elegant look while remaining semi-casual. Now with the knowledge on how to tie boat shoes without finding yourself in a knot, step out onto the deck and start making a bold statement.