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What does GS Mean in Shoes? The Easy Complete Explanation

What does GS Mean in Shoes? The Easy Complete Explanation

Whenever we go to buy shoes we must know our exact shoe size first. Keeping that in mind different shoe brands launched several sized shoes and named the sizes as well. Today I am going to discuss one of the shoe sizes briefly in this article.

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So, what does GS mean in shoes? If it is your search then read out the article till the end to get a clear answer. GS is related to shoe size and there are many features to know about this factor. Therefore, hold your attention to the next segments. 

What Does GS Mean?

Time to show you the answer to the question: what does GS mean for shoes? The full meaning of GS is grade school which refers to a particular group. Famous brands like Nike Air Jordan shoes have categories like PS, TD, GS, etc. Here PS means the sizes for preschool children, TD means the shoe sizes for toddlers and GS means the sizes for grade school children. 

These categories are very much useful for choosing the specific size of a shoe. More specifically, it can be said that GS is the scale for estimating the perfect sneaker size for a child. GS is larger in measurement than other children’s shoe sizes like the toddler and preschool sizes. That means GS stands for the largest size for children’s shoes. 

How is GS Used?

In the previous segment, you have got the answer to what is GS in shoes. Now it’s time to gather some knowledge about how GS can be used. At the growing age of a child, each body part tends to grow. For that reason, finding out the exact shoe size is important and the GS size chart can be very much helpful in this matter. 

gs size chart

GS shoes are usually for children of growing age but they can be used by adults as well. You must be wondering about how it can be possible. Many adult people have smaller feet and they face a lot of trouble while finding the exact shoe size. GS shoes are available in a wide range of sizes and that’s why people with smaller feet can be benefitted.

Moreover, it is claimed that GS is slightly different in size and all sizes may not be available for each brand of shoes. If you are approaching to purchase a pair of GS shoes for your child or yourself measure the feet size first. 

Measuring for GS Shoes

Measuring a kid’s feet is not much different from measuring adult feet. One impressive thing is that most children’s GS shoes are unisex. That means boys’ shoes will fit the girls and the same for the opposite. Nike Jordan Shoes includes a variety of GS shoe sizes. Let’s know about the measuring procedure for these GS shoes.

Measuring the child’s feet

To measure the foot size of your child you will need a measuring tape. Heel to toe is the main size you should measure and you can also take the arch size, width as well.

In most cases, one foot is often larger than the other. If you measure just one foot the shoes may not fit in your child’s two feet. To avoid this problem, measure two feet at a time before buying the shoes. In this way, you will be able to buy accurately sized shoes for your kid. 

Time for measurement

It is better to measure at the beginning of the day because it is the time you can get the exact measurement. Kids love to play all the time and morning is the time when you will find them free. Moreover, if you take the measurement later in the day you may find that the feet are swollen. 

However, the swelling developed due to playing shrinks very quickly. So, you can measure your kid’s feet whenever you want to but the best time is morning.

what does gs mean

Choosing from the brand sizes

Famous brands like Nike Air Jordan have their size categories that may not match with the measurement you have taken. In that case, you can ask the staff and select the perfect size with their help. Another thing you can do is take your child with you to the shop and then there will be no problem in buying the exact size.

Again some shoes are very much flexible and with time they get a little bigger. In such cases, buy the tight-fitting ones so that further stretches can not cause any problem. 

Famous brands offer different size categories like Y size, K size, OG for GS shoes. Y is the size according to years, K is the size for kids, and OG stands for the original. All you have to do is choose the specific GS shoe size for your kid. 

GS Size Chart

In this segment I am going to show you a GS size chart. This one is created from the GS chart of Nike which is considered as the standard size chart.


Final Verdict                              

All your confusions are cleared up hopefully about the question of what does GS means in shoes. GS is nothing but a category of shoes for kids and it eases the shoe selection for school-going children. Though all brands do not have this category you will get GS facility in the famous brands. 

For a growing-aged child, it is very tough to select accurately sized shoes. If you intend to choose from the GS category your hassle will be lees in finding the correct sized shoes for your kid. All the details regarding GS shoes including how to use them, how to measure, etc are given in the above article.