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How to Shine Shoes - The Easiest Way to Make Your Shoes Shiny

How to Shine Shoes – The Easiest Way to Make Your Shoes Shiny

Nothing can be weirder than having a getup with a combination of unpolished shoes and a perfectly tailored suit. Yes, it’s horrifying and you going to lose others’ attention whenever they look into your shoes. To avoid this embarrassing situation you need to learn how to shine shoes.

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Last time we helped you by discussing how to paint a shoe and now we are going to explain how to polish a shoe. There are different methods available for different shoes. No worries, we will cover everything in this article. So keep reading.

The General Guide to Shine a Shoe

At first, we will talk about the normal guide you can call it the universal guide. So let’s get those methods.

1. Get the Supplies

First, you need to manage everything you need while shining the shoe. Here is the list of the supplies.

  • One tin of shoe polish.
  • Shine brush
  • Polish brush
  • Shine cloth
  • cotton balls.
  • Towel/Per


2. Preparation

While polishing a shoe you may mess up and spread the dirt all over the floor or carpet. So, take an old towel or paper and spread it over the area you are going to work.

3. The cleaning process

Here the shining process starts. First, take a damp cloth or a shine brush to clean the dirt and dust. Surely your shoe will get a little wet. After cleaning the property let it dry before start polishing.

4. Polishing

Polishing is an easy task but I suggest wearing gloves if you are trying it for the first time or a new one. Get a shoe polish brush and cover the shoe with the perfect amount of shoe polish.

Must match the polish color with the shoe color. After polishing leave the shoe for 15-20 minutes and let it dry.

5. Brush the shoe

Now take a shine brush and brush the whole shoe vigorously. It will keep the shoe clean and eliminate the excess polish.

6. Focus on the heel and toe

Time to care for the heel and toe. Take a cotton ball and dip it into water. Squeeze it and keep it wet. Now apply a little amount of polish on the cotton ball and then apply it on the heel and toe. Repeat it 2-3 times until you get it satisfactory. Now your shoe is ready to shine at the next party.

How To Shine Brown Shoes

How To Polish Boots?

Your favorite pair of boots need a lot of care to always shine like new. Here I will tell you how you can polish your boots and make a sparkling appearance.

Clean the boots

Take off the laces from your boots and then clean the debris gently. For cleaning the dust and debris you can use a horsehair brush. If your boots need a deep clean use saddle soap and cloth. Damp the cloth with water and soap and then clean the boots by rubbing the cloth.

Apply polish

You know how to apply shoe polish and there is nothing much different in applying polish on boots. Select cream or wax-based polish and dip a corner of rag into the polish. Apply the polish using a gentle circular motion and make sure to apply evenly everywhere.

For polishing the welts, use an old toothbrush. Then wait 10 minutes to dry the polish. Use a horsehair brush and side-to-side motion for a quick and gentle buff. Wipe the boots with a clean rag and wait for another 10 minutes. You can repeat all the steps of polishing again if needed.

Shine up the boots

Take a piece of cotton cloth and wet it with one or two drops of warm water. Add some wax to the cloth and hold the cloth with your fingertip. Apply a gentle, quick circular motion on the boots with the cloth on your fingertip. Wait for 10 to 15 minutes until the polish dries.

Then again apply wax and repeat the steps as many times as you want. Until you get your desired glow on the boots you can repeat.

how to polish shoes to a mirror shine

How To Polish Shoes to a Mirror Shine?

Follow the steps given below to have a mirror shine look of your polished shoes.

Apply mirror gloss

Achieving a mirror shine on shoes is quite a time-consuming matter. However, a well-branded mirror gloss like Saphir’s mirror gloss can quicken this procedure. The mirror glosses are generally composed of hard waxes and very easy to apply.

Take a high shine chamois

Rather than using a normal cotton cloth, you should use a high shine chamois or cotton ball. Dip the chamois in the mirror gloss and rub it on a surface before rubbing it on the shoes. Then you can glide it on your shoes.

Add alcohol to the water

Adding a small amount of alcohol to the water and using it in polishing the shoe can brighten up the shine. Alcohol eases the melting of hard wax and the wax can not absorb much water. As a result, your shoes get shined quickly.

Use a dryer

You can use a blow dryer to melt the hard waxes more easily. Add some mirror gloss on your shoes and then blow the dryer to melt the waxes. In this way, wax enters into every pore and part and thus gives a glossy finishing. Hopefully, you have understood how to make shoes shine like glass?

how to apply shoe polish

How To Shine Brown Shoes?

For different colored shoes, you may need different processes to shine them up. Let’s know about the process for brown-colored shoes below.

Select polish

Waxed polishes are the best choice but you can also go for cream polishes for leather shoes. There are a variety of options for the color of polishes. As you are going to shine your brown shoe select brown polish. But it often comes out difficult to match the color of a shoe with a polish. To avoid this problem you can apply neutral polish to the brown shoes.

Clean the pair of shoes

Firstly, take out the laces and then put some papers inside the shoes. Take a piece of clean cloth or duster brush to clean the debris on the shoes. You can use water or any suitable cleanser with the cloth to give your shoes a deep clean. Rub the cloth gently and use a circular motion. Lastly, let the cleaned shoes dry or wipe them again with a dry cloth.

Apply the polish

Dip a clean rag into the polish and wrap it around your fingertip. Use a circular motion to apply the polish on every part of your brown shoes. Wait 10 minutes after polishing and then buff the shoes with a horsehair brush and a rag for extra shine. Relace your shoes at the end and thus your brown shoes are ready to rock the road.

How To Shine Shoes With Kiwi?

Kiwi shoe polish kit is considered the top-rated brand for leather shoes. It includes all the components for ensuring the durability and shiny appearance of the shoes.

To shine shoes with a Kiwi kit you need to follow the normal process of shoe polishing. Cleaning the shoes, polishing with a clean rag, waiting sometimes for drying the shoes, repeating the steps until the desired level of shine is visible.

How To Shine Shoes Military?

Military boots are needed to be polishes regularly as they get dirty very often. So now time to learn about how to shine shoe military in this segment.

Clean the shoes

The shoes of a military man get filthy very easily and need to be washed well before polishing. Use a rug, water, soap to clean the shoes well and take off the laces.

Select a polish

Selecting the best-suited polish is necessary. Wax polish will be the suitable one for shining military shoes.

Apply the polish

Wrap a cloth on your fingertip and dip it in the polish. Then apply it using a circular manner and let the shoes dry. After the shoes are dried, buff them with a brush or cloth or you can again apply the polish for better shine.

How To Shine Black Leather Shoes?

Shining black leather shoes are as simple as polishing a normal pair of shoes.

  1. Take off the laces and put papers inside to make the shoes stable.
  2. Clean the dust and debris with a cloth or use water.
  3. Apply the selected polish using a rag or cotton ball. Don’t leave the welts.
  4. Keep the shoe rest for 10 minutes.
  5. Buff with a brush or cloth for further shine.

Final Verdict

The wedding party or the official meeting is always unpredictable and a shiny shoe is necessary for such occasion. So, there is no guarantee whether you will get a cobbler or not before the party. So, it’s wise to learn how to shine a shoe.

I have already described the whole topic and now it’s your turn to give it a try. For the time you may experience mixing up with polish and dirt. So, wear an old t-shirt before starting.

I have described different methods for different shoes. So, you will face no problem while polishing a shoe. Good luck.