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How to Paint Canvas Shoes - The Complete Guide for Beginners

How to Paint Canvas Shoes – The Complete Guide for Beginners

We love to use customized things like customizable glass, hats, mobile, even canvas. However, it’s not always possible to get customized things and customized canvas are not available truly. So, one thing you can do is painting your shoes.

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Our curious mind consists of thousands of ideas and painting canvas is one of the most creative one. But it’s not easy like seems to hear. On top of that, you need to learn the whole process of painting. No worries, I am here to help you. In this article, I am going to discuss how to paint canvas shoes?

I will discuss the process step by step. So, stay tuned and learn detail.

How To Paint On Canvas Shoes?

how to hand paint canvas shoes

Just take colors and paint your canvas shoes, it’s not that much easier. You have to go through several processes before painting the shoes. However, the processes are not too tough as well. Here in this segment, I will tell you every detail about how to paint on canvas shoes permanently.

  1. Select a pair of canvas shoes 

The broader the shoe surfaces the easier it will be to apply paint on them. You can choose the Vans canvas slip-on or similar-looking off-brand canvas shoes that are broad. You will get many brands and companies among which Toms’ shoes come already toned. That means you need not put the coating paint before applying the actual design.

  1. Sketch the design

If you are an expert artist you can directly apply the design to your shoes. But as an average painter, I prefer to sketch my desirable design on a white sheet first. By following this step you can assume how your shoes are going to look.

For sketching the design, select a design from the internet or anywhere else. Then take a pencil and eraser to sketch out the design. You can also print out a layout of a design and use that as your template.

  1. Prepare your workstation

You can’t paint the shoes at any place because you will need some special preparations. Prepare the space where you will paint the shoes, wrap the floor with papers. This will prevent the spreading of colors on the floor. Organize all the tools you will need to apply the paint so that you can easily find them whenever needed.

Keep all brushes, paints, fine liners, pencils, markers in one place. Arrange a mug of water, paper towels, and cover the inside and soles of your shoes with tapes or plastic bags.

  1. Outline the design

You already have your sample design in your hand and now time to outline that design on your shoes. Take a pencil and sketch the design once again like before. If anything goes wrong there is nothing to worry about. Use the eraser and then again try to make the exact outline you want.

what kind of paint to use on canvas shoes

  1. Apply paint on the design

Now that you are done with outlining your preferable design put colors on them. To bring out the final look of your canvas shoes apply suitable paints to the design. Don’t forget to blend the color well or it will look terrible on your shoes. After all the colors are applied beautifully, you can use fine liners for small detailed designs.

  1. Seal the painting

This step is important to follow for enjoying a durable service. you need to select fresh weather without rain to wear a pair of hand-painted shoes. Rainwater can fade the paints on your shoes. But there is one way that makes the paints stay on your shoes even if they come in contact with water. Seal your shoes with a waterproof spray after finishing coloring them.

Make sure you are spraying evenly on every place of your shoes. Even after sealing the shoes with a spray, don’t use them in the rainy season frequently.

  1. Dry the shoes and hit the road

After finishing all the work-related painting, keep your shoes aside for a few hours to dry fully. To get a better result, wear the shoes to hit the road one or two days after painting them.

What Kind Of Paint To Use On Canvas Shoes? 

The most suited color for painting on a canvas shoe is acrylic paint. Acrylic paint goes on beautifully with the surface of canvas shoes. Moreover, this type of color is available at any craft store so you can easily get it. Acrylic colors should be applied with brushes for better blending and the brushes are also available at any craft store.

How to paint canvas shoes with acrylic paint is already known to you as I have already discussed in the previous section. However, one thing that I skipped is that you can use an acrylic primer or gesso coating before applying the final colors.

how to paint on canvas shoes permanently

How To Remove Paint From Canvas Shoes? 

Sometimes your painting may go wrong and you need to remove the wasted paints. As canvas shoes are mostly painted with acrylic color here I will tell you the process of removing paint from canvas shoes.

Remove the excess paints

Get a spoon or knife to get rid of as much excess paint as you can in the case of wet-based acrylic paints. But when the paint is dry-based acrylic you can use a brush to remove the dried excess paints. Whichever method you follow, hold the shoe with one hand strongly and then get rid of the excess paints.

Apply a wet cloth on the spots

Using a wet cloth on the defective painting areas makes the spots removing easier. Wet cloth dampens the area and makes the shoe fabric flexible for blotting the spots. Make the shoe surface as wet as you can for a better outcome.

Use a detergent mixture

Mix one spoon of detergent with one spoon of water and your detergent mixture is ready. Now take a fresh sponge and rub the detergent mixture on your shoes with this sponge. Don’t be afraid to rub hard on the spots.

Drench with water

Just put the shoes under running tap water and rinse all the areas well. Don’t use warm water as it can cause harm to the shoe fabric. Now apply all the steps of removing paint from your shoes until the stain is gone completely.

Apply nail polish remover

It can happen that even after applying all the steps several times the stains don’t disappear. In that situation, you have to take a paper towel damped into the nail polish remover. Then you need to dab it on the stains until they go off permanently.

how to paint canvas shoes with acrylic paint


Do you draw on canvas before painting?

Yes, I recommend sketching on the canvas before painting. If you are a beginner it’s essential for you. Besides, sketching before painting helps you to change the design.

Again, by chance, if you make a mistake it won’t be any major issue. But if you miss while painting it may spoil the whole art.

You should use charcoal or a pencil to sketch on a canvas. Make sure not to sketch so deep. The experts don’t need sketching. They can directly paint as their hands are used to with canvas painting

Do I need to seal acrylic paint on canvas? 

Whether you will seal the acrylic paint on your canvas shoes or not it is totally up to you. Who doesn’t want to use their stylish-looking shoes for a long duration? If you want to make your hand-painted shoes survive all the odds of the weather you must apply seal spray after painting.

How do you make acrylic paint waterproof? 

Making acrylic paints waterproof is very easy, you just need a waterproof spray. After painting your shoes according to your wish, seal the painting by spraying waterproof spray evenly everywhere. This will make your shoes withstand the rainwater. Yet, you shouldn’t use hand-painted shoes very often in the rainy season or in watery places.

Do I need to learn to draw before painting a canvas?

I think it’s wise to learn drawing or at least practicing the design you want to put on the canvas. The main thing is to maintain discipline and draw fluently on the canvas. If you mess up once then that can spoil the whole painting.

The teacher always suggests learning before getting into the main part of the painting. Focusing on their advice will be beneficial for getting a painting professional. Plus, it will be helpful for painting in the future.

Final Verdict

Just 7 easy steps to follow and paint on a canvas like a pro. The article is all about how to paint canvas shoes and I have covered almost every related topic related to this.

Painting on a canvas is not enough to learn. If you want to learn painting you have to learn how to remove painting. So I have discussed another section about it. There I have also discussed some FAQs. I suggest read them properly to gain more knowledge about learning.

I suggest practicing a bit even if you are a professional. The beginners, take your time, learn a bit more, make your hand smooth in painting with canvas and give it a try.

Hopefully, you have understood how to hand paint canvas shoes.



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