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Why Glue Pennies to Shoes? - Get Rid of this Confusion

Why Glue Pennies to Shoes? – Get Rid of this Confusion

You may have seen some parents gluing their kid’s shoes to fix the sole or stick the part together. But have you ever seen pennies being glued to the kid’s shoe? It’s kind of weird and I also thought once why glue pennies to shoes?

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Well, I have managed to gather some knowledge and certainly, there are some reasons. Some of us even don’t know the reason and just make it like a tradition. The reasons vary from country to country or religion to religion. Some think it’s for making the shoes last long, some think for tracking for the kids, again, some think it’s a substitute for a fidget.

Well, I think all of them are true and today in this article I will provide you more knowledge on the topic – why do parents glue pennies to their children’s shoes? So stick with us.

Why do Parents Glue Pennies to their Children’sShoes?

There are several reasons for gluing pennies to shoes. In this part, I am going to describe why are parents gluing pennies to shoes?


  1. It’s a Noisemaker

To keep your kid happy and calm noisy toys are a good solution. But surely, it will cost at least 30 bucks to get a good one. Again, it can be so noisy to spoil your sound sleep. In that case, gluing pennies to children’s shoes will be a great solution for you.

First of all, they won’t any of your money. Secondly, they are not extremely loud to spoil your mind. So, gluing pennies at the bottom of the shoes is a great alternative to loud toys.

  1. To Save Money on Fidget Toys

Every year the fidget Toys companies are making millions of dollars as they have become quite popular. But happy to know, you don’t need to spend money on those toys anymore. You just glue pennies to your kid’s shoes and you will surely get something to fidget with.

Besides, kids can easily destroy any fidget toy by throwing away or losing it. Happily, informing you, in case of pennies on shoes there is no chance of losing them.

pennies on shoes

  1. Helpful for Kids with ADHD

Kids who are suffering from a neurodevelopmental disorder such as ADHD can be highly benefited from having pennies on their shoes. Their hyperactivity requires anything to fidget with and the selling of fidget toys can be highly noticed especially for them.

To solve their problem their parents should glue pennies at the bottom of their shoes. The ADHD-affected kids easily lose their minds and also get bored. To keep them focused and attentive sound in every step will be a lot helpful. Besides, after creating the sound they will be happy as the sound will be created by them.

  1. To Save Money on Tap Shoes

We all know tap shoes are designed using a metal plate on the toe and heel. It creates sound when you try to move your legs. The plate is comparatively harder and costs a certain amount of money. If your kid loves tap dance they deserve a tap shoe but that must cost s a good amount of money. However, do you know – Gluing shoes can save a lot of your money on the tap shoes.

Just glue some pennies on the toe and heel and it will work almost the same as a tap shoe.

So, why should you cost lots of money when you have pennies in the house? However, it’s not only for kids. Even adults can use this trick to save money on tap shoes.

  1. For Keeping their Kid Fit

You may be confused why glue pennies to kid’s shoes are connected with keeping them fit?  Very simple, kids love to make noise, and noise makes them more active. Gluing pennies to shoes will make them happier on every step.

So, they will jump more, walk more, and run more just to get the noise. So, if you are worried about your chubby kid just glue pennies on their shoes and let them run and lose some extra weight.

  1. To Make the shoes last long

Another incredible reason to do it is to ensure long-lasting performance. However, many of us don’t know how it works to make the shoes long-lasting.

The pennies protect the outsole of the shoe and save it from high collisions. As a result, they don’t get wither easily and last long.

Some famous shoe companies have also researched this topic and they are also agreed that using pennies on the bottom of a shoe helps to ensure long-lasting performance. Some companies are already using some types of buttons at the bottom of the shoes.

  1. To Track Child’s Activity

Using coins to the shoes is a great way to monitor a kid while the mom is busy cooking or in some other works. Hearing the sound of the coin they can understand where the kid is playing.

Moreover, if the kids anyhow go outside, mom can understand by hearing the sound. So taking care of a kid is a lot easier using coins to the shoes.


Should Parents Glue Pennies to their Kid’s Shoe?

Yes, it is helpful. I have already explained the reason for gluing pennies to children’s shoes. Plus, it will help you to track your kid and monitor his activities. Aside from that, some pennies can save lots of your dollars you cost on toys and tip shoes.

To some regions, it’s like a tradition. Some people don’t want to follow it without getting any meaning. Now you get the reason and realize this tradition is worth following.

How to Glue pennies to shoes?

Converting your kids’ shoes into tap shoes can be easier with gluing pennies. The most inexpensive way of getting your child a pair of dancing shoes is by attaching pennies to them. You already know the valid reason for gluing pennies to the sole of shoes. But how you can glue pennies to shoes is the question now.

Don’t worry about the process because it is not so difficult. Moreover, here I am going to present the easiest method of gluing pennies to your kids’ shoes. So keep your eyes sharp and read our next segments to get proper ideas.

why would you glue pennies to the bottom of your shoe

Items You need to Glue Pennies to Your Child’s Shoes 

Whenever we try to create a new product we need some materials to begin the process. In the case of gluing pennies to a pair of shoes, you will need some items which are so many. Let’s get some ideas about the tools you need to collect before attaching pennies.

  1. A Pair of Shoes

Buying a pair of typical tap shoes for dancing can cost you a lot of money. If you want to save money you can turn the old shoes of your kids into tap shoes in a very easier way. Select the pair of old shoes or buy a new pair on which you can glue the pennies.

  1. Glue

As we are talking about gluing pennies to the kids’ shoes, glue is an important material to proceed with the main process. Choose good quality, strong, and sufficiently adhesive glue so that pennies can stick well. You will find a range of variety from highly-priced ones to cheap ones.

Try to select a glue within your range that is strong enough to hold the pennies within the shoes. However, if you fail to collect good quality glue you can use tape as well. All you have to know is the correct method of applying glue or tape and the right amount of materials.

Do not use excess glue as it can prevent the exact sound you want from the friction of the shoes with the floor. Again, less glue can cause the splitting of pennies from the shoes. Both the incidents are not acceptable and that’s why you should apply the exact amount of glue. If you use tape instead of glue try to collect strong ones with proper length and width.

  1. Pennies

Now time for collecting the most important items that are the pennies. There are a variety of pennies that differs in weight, size, and shape. Collect same-sized and weighed pennies to maintain the balance of the shoes. Try to make a good balance between both sides to ensure your kid a comfortable experience.

After sticking pennies to one shoe, weigh it to know if it will be comfortable or not. If it seems comfortable then apply the same number of pennies in the same manner to another shoe. The number of pennies depends on the size of the shoes. However, you can collect 5 to 10 pennies for each shoe.


How To Stick Pennies On The Bottom Of Kids Shoes? 

Sticking the pennies on the bottom of kids’ shoes is an easier task to do. It will not take more than a few minutes to finish the procedure. To ease your journey more I am going to provide the steps of the procedure below here.

  • Take each penny and put glue just in the middle portion of them. For big pennies apply extra glue and for small pennies apply a little less glue. That denotes the amount of glue will be according to the size of the pennies.

  • Now stick three pennies in the same row that means horizontally in the upper part of the sole. The three pennies will make a horizontal line. Stick two more pennies between the gaps of three pennies just below that horizontal line.

  • After finishing the upper part of the bottom of the shoes, go to the heel side of each shoe. Attach two pennies in a horizontal line and then attach two more just below that line. It will look like two rows of two pennies and at the same time two columns of two pennies.

That’s it, you are done with sticking pennies to your kid’s shoes and turn them into dancing shoes. Let them dry for a while and then the shoes are ready to be used as tap shoes. Your kids will surely love the sweet sounds produced by the pennies on the floor.


Is there any negativity of glue pennies shoes?

There are indeed numerous benefits of glue pennies shoes but you will find any negativity rarely. You may need to change the pennies from time to time to maintain the integrity. Well, the process is very easy so it should not be counted as negativity. The actual tap shoes are way too costly that’s why changing the pennies shouldn’t be a reason for botheration. Gluing pennies to a pair of shoes cost a maximum of $30.

I would like to give advice rather than spreading negative things. Sometimes due to the wrong procedure or less amount of glue the pennies may split off. Therefore, always be concerned about applying the right amount of glue properly. One more thing that can bother your kids is the weight of the shoes. Before gifting your kids the tap shoes weigh them first to understand the heaviness.

To avoid making heavy DIY tap shoes try to collect lightweight pennies. In this way, your kids will be able to cherish a comfortable enjoyment. On overall consideration, there are no major negative effects of glue pennies shoes.

All I can say is that it is the best method of saving money and keeping your kids entertaining.

Final Words

I think the busy moms must get this article so much beneficial. They can handle their kids just by using this one little trick. Plus there are some reasons, especially it is a money-saving tip. Hopefully, now you have a better understanding of the topic – why glue pennies to shoes. I have also discussed the right way to glue shoes.

If you feel the reasons beneficial you can also try it. Lastly, you at least don’t need to ask anyone “Why would you glue pennies to the bottom of your shoe?”



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